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Are you looking for ideas to jump start a new business, a new product, new content, or even just need inventive ways of talking about or marketing an existing product or service? Then a marketing ideation session is a perfect way to promote action.

What is Marketing Ideation?

Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas. At ninetyblack, we run marketing ideation sessions to help those needing marketing support to generate and develop actionable ideas to take back to their business.

Ideation is the process of generating fresh ideas that can be transformed into innovative solutions. See it as brainstorming with a more solution-focused approach.

You may have completed some brainstorming yourself. The difference is, with ideation, you’re pushing yourself and others to think differently and identify where you can better add value. You’re also benefiting from the input of a broader ‘team’ with skill sets you may not have in-house, and you are getting an external view on your business. Why is this helpful? Sometimes you are too close to a problem to see the solution.

Benefits of Ideation

  • Gain a fresh view on your business and direction
  • Challenge your own mindset to discover a new approach
  • Promotes the creative flow of ideas

Small group workshops are an excellent, low-cost way to generate new actionable marketing ideas for your business.

If you need a more dedicated approach, consultation packages are available.

Our Approach

We don’t want to fill a whiteboard with lots of ideas that you just won’t have time to implement, we want to identify at least one key marketing idea that you can develop and action once you’re back at your desk – sometimes it only takes one innovative idea to generate the next breakthrough; and on occasion, we know those in business need a little bit of help to identify and develop those ideas. This is where our ideation process comes in.

Our Ideation Process

We help you work through a process to get to great ideas:

  • Understand the context (business, market, problem)
  • Identify the key issues
  • Discuss ideas
  • Evaluate the ideas
  • Develop actionable key ideas


Our workshop is an excellent, low-cost way to generate new actionable marketing ideas for your business.

The process allows for a very specific and focused session, allowing you to really dig deep into ideas and come up with a plan that you can action back in the workplace. It involves key contributors from the ninetyblack team, yourself, and any other key personnel or decision makers you want to include.

We stage this over two sessions by breaking up our ideation process;

Session 1

  • Understand the context (business, market, problem)
  • Identify the key issues

This session is about the team getting a full understanding of your business, market, customer. Meeting key personnel, and identifying the current issue(s) that you are wanting to table – and discussing them in depth. Running the session over separate days allows for that valuable thinking time to generate ideas and gives the ninetyblack team proper preparation time to deliver actionable versus empty ideas.

Session 2

  • Discuss ideas
  • Evaluate the ideas
  • Develop actionable key ideas

We work through all ideas, from all contributors. These are evaluated, we flush out the weak and identify the strongest and smartest – the most realistic, feasible, practical… excitable!

From there, actionable ideas are formulated.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll take away at least one actionable idea for your business.

Cost: $1500+GST.


Let’s work together.

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